While her family and police sought answers

Once shelter in place orders are lifted, though, your barbers and barbershops will still need your help, even once business normalizes. “We’re expecting that services will be limited no shaves, no beard trims, and only services that can be administered with a face mask on,” Gonzalez says. “Services will often take twice as long to account for additional sanitizing needs before and after each cut.

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It’s been hard. I’m always a family first guy. And I’m actually stepping away from family stuff to record this because I really wanted to do this show, super pumped about it. Pat was an avid golfer, having participated in the local LPGA Pro Am tournaments held at Avalon Lakes over a period of five years. She was also actively involved with the Executive Women Golf Association and functioned in the capacity of tournament director for championship events held in northeastern Ohio, Michigan, Toledo and Toronto. She also served as vice president and chairperson of the education committee of this organization.

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